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Bothered by bingo wings? Ticked off about turkey neck? You may not have to go under the knife to restore your silhouette. We’ve got all the details about the industry’s leading skin-tightening technology here.

Chances are you know someone who’s “had some work done.” So, you’re also likely aware that surgical aesthetic procedures come with significant recovery time and no shortage of risk.

Their results look fabulous, but you’re not sure you want to dive head-first into an extensive surgical process.

Meet body contouring and skin tightening treatments.

Our team at Serenity Women’s Care in Scottsdale, Arizona, is excited to offer our patients another path to the body of their dreams — one that doesn’t require risky surgery. Here’s everything you should know about our most popular nonsurgical procedure: Exilis Elite®.

A closer look at how Exilis Elite works

The Exilis system harnesses the power of radiofrequency energy and delivers it into the deepest layers of your skin. There, the heat from the energy causes fat cells to shrink while simultaneously stimulating your body’s natural collagen production.

The result? Less flab and sagging skin.

The Elite model of the Elixilis system delivers twice as much energy, which means better results in fewer treatments without sacrificing anything in the safety and comfort departments.

With Exilis Elite, you could delay or avoid altogether needing invasive surgical procedures, especially if you’re only struggling with mild to moderate fat deposits.

It may all sound too good to be true, so here are a few answers to some of the questions we get most often about Exilis Elite.

How many treatments will I need?

How many treatments you need depends on the area you’re treating and how severe your concerns are. On average, our patients receive 2-6 treatments. Because the Elite model is so advanced, many only need two sessions to see visible, lasting results.

How much time will I spend in recovery?

There’s no scalpel in sight when you come in for Exilis Elite treatment, so you can expect to return to your routine right after your session. Besides some temporary redness in the treatment area, you shouldn’t need to spend any time nursing post-treatment side effects.

How safe is Exilis Elite?

Exilis Elite isn’t some fad you find on social media — these treatments are backed by the FDA and are verified safe for virtually everyone. Plus, built-in controls help us prevent skin damage.

Does it work?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Most of our patients notice the effects after just one treatment, but the best results develop over a few weeks.

What else can I do?

Since Exilis Elite is noninvasive and safe for your skin, you can combine treatments for a complete makeover. We offer other body contouring services, including Emsculplt NEO® and  Emtone®. Our team can also connect you to our medical weight loss programs to help you make lifestyle adjustments that maximize your treatments and support your overall health.

Ready to get back to the good ole days when your skin was tight and youthful? We want to help. Call or click to schedule an appointment with our aesthetic specialists today.

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